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How to Choose A Podiatrist in Memorial and Galleria, TX

Learning how to choose a podiatrist in the Memorial and Galleria areas is important for you to begin the journey to foot pain relief.

To help you find the best podiatrist in the Memorial and Galleria areas, we will provide an overview of our podiatry practice, the podiatry services that we can offer you for your foot pain and the qualifications of our team of experienced podiatric physicians.

Here are two things to consider when choosing a podiatrist to help you with your foot pain.

Podiatry Experience

Our doctors have been practicing for over 30 years and can use their experience to help you with your foot pain.

1. A podiatrist with experience can assess your condition accurately and provide you with the best treatment plan to help relieve you foot pain.

2. Developing the best treatment plan for your foot pain, whether it is heel pain, an ingrown toenail, or a bunion requires not only podiatry knowledge but also experience. 


Reviews can provide a wealth of knowledge about the doctor, the staff, and the practice.

1. Check to see the number of reviews and the quality of reviews.

2. What do the majority of reviews say about the podiatrist and are patients happy with their outcomes.  


“Research how long the podiatrist has been in practice and read reviews. You can enjoy foot pain relief when you find the best podiatrist with the best experience”

What Is a Podiatrist?

A podiatrist is a doctor with specialized training and who can diagnosis and treat conditions that affect the feet and ankle. Pain is not normal and you will want make an appointment with an experienced podiatrist at the first sign of foot or ankle pain.

What problems can a podiatrist treat?

Podiatrists can diagnose and treat any type of pain affecting the foot and ankle, including, fractured or broken bones, sprains and strains, diabetic foot infections, chronic ulcers, neuropathy, bunions, flat feet, warts, athlete’s foot, ingrown nails, nail fungus, and heel pain.

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State of the Art Podiatric Care

Digital Xray

Onsite digital x-rays provide convenience and the ability to quickly assess and develop a treatment plan for your condition.

Laser treatment

Laser treatments for foot pain, fungus, and warts provide a non-invasive and extremely effective treatment option.

Diagnostic testing

Diagnostic vascular and neurological testing provides our doctors with information on how to best treat and manage any systemic conditions that are causing your foot pain.

Custom Arch Supports

Customized arch supports to support your specific foot biomechanics to help you relieve your foot, back, knee, and hip pain.

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